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Quackerbox Creations, LTD

printing wearables and accessories in Dallas/FW since 1982

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Order Placement

Quackerbox Creations, LTD.

| custom t-shirt printer in Dallas |

11320 Pagemill Road, Dallas, Texas  75243    p (214) 343-8870    f (214) 343-9028

email us at quackerbox@gmail.com      like us at Facebook.com/Quackerbox

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To place an order call (214) 343-8870 and ask to speak to Betsy or email us at quackerbox@gmail.com. You are also more than welcome to stop by our showroom. For hours, location and directions, see our contact us page.

You may use the order form to the right, use your own purchase order or
send an email with the required information for your custom printed items.

Billing name, Billing address, Contact name, Phone number & Email
Vendor approval is required for purchase orders going directly through
    school districts. Contact us about your district if your order will be paid for
    by your school district. Any vendor can be used for orders placed through
    school organizations paying on their own.

Shipping name & address, if you are not picking up your order
    We use
Couriers & Freight often. We can ship orders via UPS, courier and
    in rare instances we will deliver locally depending on location and schedule.
    Free pick-up is available during business hours & after-hours by appointment only.
What item
    Short sleeve t-shirts, pullover hooded sweats, totes, koozies, etc. Specific styles
    can be perused on our
products page.
What color your item is going to be?
    Many times we can do one design on different colored items, call for more info.
Where you want your design?
    Left chest on a shirt, full back, full front, one side on a tote, corner print on a blanket, etc.
What colors are to be printed?
    You may swap out colors for a small fee if you are printing the same design
    on different colors of shirts.
Total quantity of your order and size breakdown for apparel
Is there personalization on the individual wearable pieces? i.e., names & numbers
Your budget
    Please indicate your total budget or top per-piece price. We are very familiar
    with working within budgets. We will help you maximize the look and quality of
    your final product but keeping it within the amount you have to spend. We will also
    do our best to show you how to reduce an ambitious design that can fit within a
    limited budget.
Your design
If you have a set design, please see our art page to verify your art is usable and in
    the best form possible. We are not miracle workers. Crummy art = crummy print
    There are, however, ways to produce great prints with art saved in a workable format.

    If you do not have a digital design, please stop in our showroom so we can get
    started creating art. John can create art from drawings, scan items, create a design
    from high-quality clip-art or use one of our fabulous
customizable designs. Our design
    library is vast and with a little steering, a great design can be chosen EASILY.
Your in-hand date
    Please allow plenty of time for all phases of the production process - art creation, art
    approval, printing and shipping. Typical lead times range from 10-15 working days,
    the start of the school year is our busiest time. Starting the process early allows for
    an easy, stress-free process. Rush orders can be accommodated, when possible.
    Having every part of your order finalized before placement is crucial in rush situations.


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(214) 343-8870

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(214) 343-9028

email Quackerbox
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