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Ideally, art should be given to us in electronic form.  We are able to scan drawings done by hand and print outs of images that can’t be emailed or don’t exist in electronic form.  There is no additional charge for scanning a drawing as long as we do not need to repair or fix anything about the design and your print out is clean and sharp.  Children’s drawings are typically scanned and can be screened or printed digitally.


Most art will need to be in vector format.  Software programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw create vector art.  We also ask that you send a hard copy of your art whenever possible.

All type should be converted from font form to outlines in Adobe Illustrator and create paths in Corel Draw.  This is important to avoid typestyle conflicts.  Several different fonts have the matching names. Outlining allows our computer to recognize your font, since it is essentially drawing lines around your letters.  Line art designs should have all colors converted to spot from CMYK. 

All .jpeg files must be saved at the actual size (or bigger) you want printed on your shirt at 300ppi.  All .jpeg files must be cleared with us first before your order will be accepted.  We do not accept low resolution files.  Files saved at a small size and at low resolutions will be blurry and pixelated when enlarged.  We are not responsible for fixed printed images that do not print clearly due to poor file quality.

Microsoft Word documents will only be accepted if there are no type conflicts.  We recommend that you do not place art files inside a Word document.

We do accept Adobe Photoshop files for illustrations, which should be saved at actual size, at 300ppi. 

When sending your art file, please DO NOT include the shirt color as a back ground color. We will have to remove it in order to use the file.  If you want to send a mock up file along with your final art file that includes the shirt color as the background, please feel free to do so.

Art Recommendations

If custom art seems intimidating, we have plenty of customizable design books where we can change names, mascots, sports equipment and add other art elements from our library.

For customizable designs, please provide us the school/group/company name and any other information, and your art will be created in house and sent to you for approval before printing. 

You are more than welcome to stop by our showroom and look at the design books to pick out your art or get ideas.


Know the name of your font.

Placing a .jpeg image in Adobe Illustrator does not change the art from a fixed image to vector art (art saved in color sections).  Low resolution .jpeg images need to be re-saved at a higher resolution from the ORIGINAL image.

Excessive revisions will result in an art charge.

Please proofread and triple check that all wording and/or names are included and spelled correctly before art is submitted to us.  We are not responsible for incorrect or missing names/words once the art has been approved.

Please do not name your file “T-shirt_front” or anything similar.  We regularly receive dozens of files named like this and it makes it difficult to find your file in the download folder when they are all named alike.  Name the file with your school, company or group name.  (Ex. jhs_spanish_club.ai,  jones_plumb_lc.ai)

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